CIRTEMO is commercializing the MOE platform through worldwide partners.

CIRTEMO primarily partners with

  • Optical Filter Manufacturers (OFMs)
  • Optical Component and System Manufacturers (OCSMs)
  • Our Multivariate Optical Element platform allows OFMs and OCSMs the ability to

  • differentiate their offerings with a well-protected IP position
  • enable their customers to tackle new applications that are not possible with traditional optical filters and coatings
  • How Do You Use Optical Filters Today?

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    CIRTEMO is also engaged with key collaborators and end-users who are working to develop Multivariate Optical Element based systems for life science, medical device, industrial and other high value applications.

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    CIRTEMO Partner Network

    From 1 to 10,000+ Multivariate Optical Elements, CIRTEMO’s optical filter manufacturer network has you covered.

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