All Work and No Play...

We realize that leveraging the power of the Multivariate Optical Element platform is serious stuff! However, sometimes you have to have a little fun. The CIRTEMO team has put together a cartoon series to help explain key technical and business concepts of using the Multivariate Optical Element platform. If you are the serious type, you should skip this area and start here. We hope you enjoy.

Introducing the Cast


MOE (aka Multivariate Optical Element) is the super hero of the series. He makes optical systems perform better and helps our partners and customers achieve more. To learn more about MOE, start with our very first series "Who is MOE?"

The Optical Buddies

If you work with optical systems, we are sure that you recognize many of these guys! MOE works with these folks to make optical systems perform better. The Optical Buddies are often amazed at the applications and business problems that MOE can tackle!

The Villains of Management

No matter how great the value or opportunity, the number one job of “The Villains of Management” is not to let MOE help! Recognize anyone? Luckily, there is always an internal champion (is that you?) to help navigate the evil doings of “The Villains of Management”! Who else should we include? Who is your favorite?