The CIRTEMO™ Multivariate Optical Element Platform

Multivariate Optical Computing (MOC) is an alternative method for extracting chemical signature information from optical spectra from the ultraviolet to the infrared. MOC is most often achieved by refinement of optical interference structures called Multivariate Optical Elements (MOE). The MOE allows simple optical systems to achieve the sensitivity/specificity of a laboratory grade spectrometer in a compact, filter photometer configuration.

CIRTEMO™ Partners

CIRTEMO™ primarily partners with Optical Filter Manufacturers and Optical Component and System Manufacturers. The CIRTEMO™ Multivariate Optical Element platform enables our partners the ability to differentiate their offerings with a well-protected intellectual property position. Ultimately, their customers may tackle new applications that are not possible with traditional optical filters and coatings today.

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CIRTEMO™ Develops World’s First Nanoscale Optical Arrays with MagAssemble Technology

Multivariate Optical Computing innovator, CIRTEMO™, announced today that the company has developed the world's first nanoscale optical arrays using MagAssemble technology. CIRTEMO is commercializing two core optics platforms; Multivariate Optical Computing (MOC) and Pattern Transfer Nanomanufacturing (PTMN) based on MagAssemble technology. The MOC platform allows for the design and manufacture of patented optical filters, Multivariate Optical Elements, which are encoded to detect/measure complex chemical compounds and attributes in real-time. The PTMN platform allows CIRTEMO to design and manufacture shapes and structures on the nanometer scale. These features can then be transferred to a wide variety of substrates for producing unique optics that are not possible with traditional optical manufacturing techniques. CIRTEMO’s technology platforms are ideally suited for both point detection sensors and hyperspectral imaging systems.

CIRTEMO™ to Showcase MOE Hyperspectral Imaging Demonstration @ DCS 2017

Multivariate Optical Computing innovator, CIRTEMO™, announced today that Semiconductor Devices (SCD) and SCD USA will showcase a Multivariate Optical Element hyperspectral imaging demonstration at SPIE DCS 2017 exposition in Anaheim, CA April 9-13, 2017. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Expo hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center, is the key premier exhibition for researchers, engineers, product developers, and purchasers who specialize in optics and photonics.

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October 18 - 20, 2018

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