The CIRTEMO™ Multivariate Optical Element Platform

Multivariate Optical Computing (MOC) is an alternative method for extracting chemical signature information from optical spectra from the ultraviolet to the infrared. MOC is most often achieved by refinement of optical interference structures called Multivariate Optical Elements (MOE). The MOE allows simple optical systems to achieve the sensitivity/specificity of a laboratory grade spectrometer in a compact, filter photometer configuration.

CIRTEMO™ Partners

CIRTEMO™ primarily partners with Optical Filter Manufacturers and Optical Component and System Manufacturers. The CIRTEMO™ Multivariate Optical Element platform enables our partners the ability to differentiate their offerings with a well-protected intellectual property position. Ultimately, their customers may tackle new applications that are not possible with traditional optical filters and coatings today.

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optX Imaging, LLC & CIRTEMO Develop SWIR Imager for DARPA

Multivariate Optical Computing innovator, CIRTEMO™, announced today that the company will partner with optX imaging systems LLC of Lorton, VA to develop a novel Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) tactical hyperspectral imaging sensor for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. “We are very excited for optx imaging systems on their recent DARPA funding award” said Jason Williamson, CIRTEMO founder. “This project will showcase several benefits of using Multivariate Optical Element (MOE) technology in next generation hyperspectral imaging systems.” “By leveraging CIRTEMO’s patented Multivariate Optical Element technology, optX proposes to develop a cost effective, compact infrared tactical hyper spectral imaging sensor with high spatial and spectral resolution.” said Dr. Roy Littleton, optx imaging systems, LLC CEO. “The goal is to develop efficient, compact, configurable, yet cost effective, hyperspectral imaging solutions that will have a much greater impact in future tactical systems and commercial applications.”

CIRTEMO™ and SCD Kickoff $1.5M Program to Develop Next Generation Hyperspectral Imagers

Multivariate Optical Computing innovator, CIRTEMO™, announced today that the company will partner with Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) of Hafia, Isreal to develop next generation hyperspectral imagers based on the Multivariate Optical Element platform. “We are excited to partner with SCD, as they are recognized as a global leader of designing and manufacturing infrared focal plane arrays (FPA), a key component of hyperspectral imagers” said Jason Williamson, CIRTEMO founder. “By working together, we are able to leverage SCD’s experience with developing IR detectors with our ability to develop application specific Multivariate Optical Elements. Through this partnership we will bring two new real-time hyperspectral imaging product lines to market. From defense to medical to agricultural applications, the new imagers will enable customers to achieve unprecedented levels of high value chemical information about a scene for real-time decision making.”

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